Hailing from the Deep North—Edmonton, Alberta, Canada—I’m a designer and creative with experience in developing brand identities, marketing campaigns and experiential work. As a designer, I seek to infuse energy, humor (when applicable) and authenticity into every project. If it doesn't make the client a little uncomfortable then there's probably room to push. As a leader, I seek to bring the best out in my team, providing them the tools and mentorship to help them develop and grow in their abilities.

designer, creative, music lover, amateur comedian, professional father, jr. husband, wannabe cosmologist

Humble Beginnings

I’ve always been drawn to the intersection of music and shared experience. In my early 20s, I got involved in an artistic practice called “visuals” that combines multi-media video and film with music and live performance. Employing a collection of 16mm film, 35mm slide, and digital video projectors, displayed across an array of different shaped screens and surfaces, I would transform a large scale music event into a pulsing landscape of imagery that moves and flows with the music. Joining forces with several like-minded artists, I co-founded a collective—Lush Visuals—that would go on to perform at large scale music festivals, nightclub residencies, and several theater productions across the continent, and across the ocean.

College, State-side

During my time with Lush Visuals, I was often approached to create custom content for event sponsors, and it was there that I discovered my love for design. I eventually made the decision to pursue a BFA in Graphic Design at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, before making the leap state-side to complete my education at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Here is a sampling of work from my school days.