2017 Outside Lands Festival— Superfly

Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival is an incredible mix of over 60 music acts, local culinary offerings, craft beer, comedy and more! Spread out over 3 days, in San Francisco’s beautiful Golden Gate Park, Outside Lands brings in 60,000 attendees a day. This year we worked with the incredibly talented illustrator Rich Kelly to create a special 10th Anniversary ID system.

2016 Bonnaroo Music Festival Website — Superfly

Bonnaroo is one of the biggest music festivals in the country, with over 100,000 visitors every year. And every year, for the past 12 years, Bonnaroo goes through a complete identity makeover. This year the amazing illustrator Charles Williams (aka Made Up) created a brand new face for Bonnaroo. I worked closely with ACD Julie Kane and Developers Russ Savage and Karl Steltenpohl to design and launch the 2016 Bonnaroo website.

2015 Bonnaroo Music Festival Website — Superfly

In 2015, we employed the help of a fantastic illustrator, Steve Wilson, who helped us create the ID system for Bonnaroo. I worked closely with Associate Creative Director Julie Kane and Lead Developer Russ Savage to design and launch the 2015 Bonnaroo website.

City of Chicago rebrand

The City of Chicago emblem was designed in 1837 and hasn't been updated since. Taking a cue from some recent city rebrands, I developed a structure that would be flexible enough to accommodate the many facets that make up Chicago, while maintaining a consistent, recognizable identity.

Superfly Website Redesign

Superfly is a collection of highly accomplished creative thinkers in the pursuit of two dreams: to create culture-defining live events—Bonnaroo and Outside Lands—and experiential marketing for the world's biggest brands. I worked with Art Director Julie Kane, Designer Zach Anderson and Lead Developer Russ Savage to design and launch the new Superfly site.

McCafé Iced Coffee — McDonald's

Making the most of beautiful illustrations. For this McCafé Iced Coffee digital campaign I had the great pleasure of working with Max Dalton—the illustrator whose work has been featured in Wes Anderson's films. This campaign included online video spots, Spotify tie-in, social media coverage and, of course, lots of banners.

Iron Street Urban Farm — EPIC | Engaging Philanthropy, Inspiring Creatives

Iron Street Urban Farm is the Chicago branch of Growing Power, a national nonprofit organization that supports struggling communities by opening urban farms that provide equal access to healthy, affordable food, as well as training and programs targeted to at-risk youth and community members. I was the senior designer on their EPIC rally, helping to create an identity, and communication materials.

Sorry I Was Eating a Milky Way — Milky Way

Bad things can happen when you get distracted by candy. The following are
four print ads and two web banner games I designed for Milky Way. The amazing illustrations were provided by Mick Marston. This work will be featured in an upcoming issue of Archive Magazine.

Work It Kitty — Temptations All Natural Cat Treats

Cat videos account for roughly 50% of internet activity but what happens when
you add a sprinkle of 80s-style fitness? Work It Kitty happens. I was charged with designing the main logo, a typeface for the spot titles, and other set dressing items. The design drew heavily from the Jane Fonda era of workout videos.

Extreme Mammals — The Field Museum

You're going to see some strange things if you visit The Field Museum, but perhaps none stranger than in the Extreme Mammals exhibit. I worked closely with Creative Directors Wayne Robinson and Matt Collier to design the extreme crates, which were then constructed and photographed for the campaign.

20th Anniversary Gala — Streetwise

StreetWise helps Chicago homeless men and women achieve personal stability, access social services and find employment. They're most recognizable assistance is through their Streetwise magazine, which provides a means of self-employment.
DDB Chicago donated our services to design a logo for their 20th anniversary Gala.

Threadless Tee Shirt Designs

Threadless is an online community of artists and an e-commerce website. Threadless designs are created by and chosen by an online community. Each week, about 1,000 designs are submitted online and are put to a public vote. After seven days the staff reviews the top-scoring designs. Based on the average score and community feedback, about 10 designs are selected each week, printed on tee shirts and other products, and sold worldwide through their online store.

Alice Army

My niece Alice was born on April 22, 2012. For the first 6 months of her life she was unable to make a proper fist with her hands, instead making the "got your nose" fist. Luckily, she figured it out eventually. For Christmas gifts last year I thought I'd make some tee shirts commemorating Alice's early pugilist ambitions.

POW! MMA & Fitness

One of the original Mixed Martial Arts gyms in Chicago, POW! has been training fighters and fitness buffs since 2001. I was commissioned to evolve/modernize their existing logo and identity, including their amazing POW! kids classes and events.

Give Your Day a Starburst

A candy described as "Unexplainably Juicy" needs a juicy type treatment to match. So when Starburst came looking for a new endframe and look for print, it was my job to explore some options and, above all else — "make it juicy!"

DDB — Stuff for HR

Here is an assortment of posters and logos I designed for various internal office departments, initiatives and events. There's something extremely satisfying about retouching the faces of upper management onto the cast of Gilligan's Island.

Match My Miles — Capital One

Capital One needed a logo to promote their Match My Miles campaign, where Capital One would match the accumulated travel miles on a competing card if you switched to an equivalent Capital One card. Here are several logos that I designed.

Basketball Hall of Fame

Basketball was invented by Dr. James Naismith, a Canadian-born physical education instructor working in the US. So when the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame approached DDB for a redesign of their outdated logo, it seemed only logical to assign it to the Canadian-born designer working in the Chicago office.

2003 Blackout Infographic Poster

In 2003 there was a massive blackout that covered a large section of eastern
North America. Armed with a 300 page government document and several newspaper articles, a fellow student and I were charged with creating an infographic poster that told the story of the blackout, identifying key events, regulators and systems for producing and distributing power.

Zombie Survival Guide

The Zombie Survival Guide, by Max Brooks, is a comprehensive survival book designed to help the reader prepare — and survive — a zombie attack, outbreak
or apocalypse. Obviously, very important stuff. The challenge was to transfer that information into a quick-reference infographic booklet.

The Origins of Life (and Robots)

I was tasked with creating a poster based on an event that happened before
I was born. I chose the event that happened before everything, ever, was born —
the uncertain begins of life on our planet. Additionally I made a similar poster that postulates how future post-humanity robot race might piece together their origins.