Top quality cocktails, WTF illusions, lively beats, tasty bites and a crowd ready to get down. You could spend all your free time tracking down the best bartenders in the game but, instead, get ‘em all wrapped up in one gloriously badass party — Cocktail Magic. The brainchild of Superfly co-founder, Kerry Black, Cocktail Magic brings together the country’s best mixologists and magicians into one unique culinary experience. After a tour of New York and Boston, Cocktail Magic found its home at the Outside Lands festival, where it dazzles and delights over 70k festival goers each year.

identity, design, art direction, event signage & collateral

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  • Web Dev:
    Karl Steltenpohl, Sam White
  • Designers:
    Julie Kane, Zack Anderson


Magic has a long, rich visual history to draw from. Mix together with the artistry of top shelf mixology and you have a really fun aesthetic space to play in! Our Design Team got to work creating a series of gorgeous posters exploring the crossroad of spirits and the spiritual. In the end, my King Mixologist poster became the visual ID for the experience, informing the branding for the website, marketing and event signage/collateral.