The Most Wanted mid-season event was a bad-ass biker gang heist adventure! As Lead Designer, I developed the branding from concept to execution. To support the storyline and enhance the player fantasy, I created a stencil 'tagged' logo (in 13 languages) that enhanced and elevated the event's narrative. Collaborating closely with the Game team and UI, I ensured that marketing materials seamlessly aligned with the in-game experience.

lead designer, branding, art direction

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  • Creative Director:
    Conor Rechtschaffner
  • Lead Designer:
    Cody Petruk
  • Senior Design:
    Rico Macias-Zepeda

Teaser Posters

Additionally, I developed a series of captivating animated teaser posters to generate anticipation and excitement, specifically teasing the dynamic Most Wanted Crew outfits. Regrettably, the teaser posters never made it to publication.