In a homogenous auto-parts category, where most brands focus on legacy, service, and SKU ranges, Superfly led JEGS thru a brand revamp that leaned into the culture of car ownership as a key differentiator. Through visual guidelines, social strategy, and content production, Superfly was able to quickly instill the JEGS brand with a unique persona, making it a trusted voice for engaged, passionate auto aficionados. Here are some highlights.

art direction, design, creative direction, storyboarding

  • Creative Director:
    Brad Levine
  • Senior Copywriter:
    Kerry Keady

JEGS Sport

As the JEGS business and brand continues to evolve, the need to define a new lifestyle-driven product subset emerged. JEGS Sport was created to help define this product line. I was tapped to develop a logo mark to help build awareness among a new audience while maintaining brand recognition among their core customers. The logo needed to be eye-catching and immediately recognizable, as its primary, and almost exclusive, application would be on products.