In my 5 years at Superfly I worked with a lot of amazingly gifted people, on a ton of incredible projects, helping to develop initial concepts and provide ongoing design support. While I did not take the lead on these projects, I am none-the-less super proud of how they turned out, and glad that I was able to contribute to their success.

design, identity, art direction, management

  • Grandoozy Lead Designer:
    Jen Dorman
  • Lost Lake Lead Designer:
    Jen Dorman
  • Senior Designer:
    Hannah Smith
  • Associate Creative Director:
    Julie Kane

Google I/O 2016

Hosted annually in Mountain View, CA, Google I/O is the world’s pre-eminent developers conference. In 2016, Google asked Superfly to innovate and reconceptualize the event in its 10th year. We reimagined the conference through our unique lens of experience–creating a festival-inspired environment designed to authentically connect with and drive loyalty among the brand’s most valued audience. We transformed the parking lot of the Shoreline into a massive sculptural art experience, wrapping the meeting areas and breakout tents with 4-story-high sculptural facades (designed by Superfly artists) and commissioned work from some of the Bay Area’s most exciting talent. I was part of the team working directly with Google to craft a visual system for on-site signage and wayfinding.


In 2018, Superfly launched Denver’s first major multi-day music festival. Our Design Team worked together to develop a unique ID system that would stand out in a crowded market, reflect Denver’s strong arts & culture scene , and offset the Patagonia-wearing hiker, ski bum hippie stop-off city stereotype. Below are a collection of initial moodboards and website comps that show how the brand evolved.


Website Comps


Lost Lake

In 2017, Superfly created a world-class music and arts festival in the heart of Phoenix, a city bursting with passion and creative energy. Our team set out to develop a brand ID that captured the cultural richness and unique natural environment of Arizona. Our uber talented Associate Design Director, Jen Dorman, took the 70+ moodboards and logo explorations and created a truly stunning, unique brand ID that went on to win XLive’s Best New Festival award (and was completely ripped off by a Southern music festival, which will remain unnamed.)