In my 5 years at Superfly, I had the privilege of collaborating with exceptionally talented individuals on a wide array of amazing projects. I am immensely proud of the collective efforts put into shaping and delivering these events. These experiences enriched my journey at Superfly and have further fueled my passion for creating impactful and memorable work.

design director, branding, art direction

  • Design Director:
    Cody Petruk
  • Associate Design Director:
    Jen Dorman
  • Senior Designer:
    Hannah Smith
  • Associate Creative Director:
    Julie Kane


In 2018, Superfly launched Denver's first major multi-day music festival. Our Design Team worked together to develop a unique ID system that would stand out in a crowded market, reflect Denver's strong arts & culture scene , and offset the Patagonia-wearing hiker, ski bum hippie stop-off city stereotype. Below are a collection of initial moodboards and website comps that show how the brand evolved.


Lost Lake

In 2017, Superfly created a world-class music and arts festival in the heart of Phoenix, a city bursting with passion and creative energy. Our team set out to develop a brand ID that captured the cultural richness and unique natural environment of Arizona. Our uber talented Associate Design Director, Jen Dorman, took the 70+ moodboards and logo explorations and created a truly stunning, unique brand ID that went on to win XLive’s Best New Festival award (and was completely ripped off by a Southern music festival, which will remain unnamed.)


Cocktail Magic

Top quality cocktails, WTF illusions, lively beats, tasty bites and a crowd ready to get down! Cocktail Magic brings together the country's best mixologists and magicians into one unique culinary experience. Magic provides a really fun aesthetic space to play in! Our Design Team got to work creating a series of gorgeous posters exploring the crossroad of spirits and the spiritual. In the end, my King Mixologist poster became the visual ID for the experience, carrying across the website, marketing and event signage/collateral.